About Us

Neil Alexander was a devoted husband, father, brother and friend. A lawyer, life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fan, brother of Phi Delta That Fraternity and unabashed devotee of Neil Diamond. In 2011, at the age of 47, Neil was diagnosed with the fatal disease ALS. Three years later he died from it.

But that’s not the end of Neil’s story. Neil was determined – from the moment he heard the words “You have ALS” – that his certain death from the disease would not be his final chapter. Like his hero and Phi Delta Theta brother Lou Gehrig before him, Neil wanted his young children, Abby and Patrick, to remember him as courageous, strong and most importantly grateful for the life that he had lived.

Along with his wife Suzanne, and hundreds of family and friends, Neil established the grassroots effort ‘LiveLikeLou’ in 2012.  Through scores of lemonade stands, bike-a-thons, golf outings, swimming events and parties, they raised more than $4million.  With their funds they helped establish the $10 million LiveLikeLou Center for ALS Research at The University of Pittsburgh’s Brain Institute, and an endowment to provide significant grants to ALS patients and their families in Western Pennsylvania.   Neil always understood that the LiveLikeLou effort would not help save his own life, but he wanted his lasting legacy to be that he left ALS better than he found it. This is why he always used the term “ONWARD” in everything he wrote, and every time he spoke.

Today the spirit of LiveLikeLou has evolved into the national, standalone non-profit entity The LiveLikeLou Foundation, under the direction of Suzanne and in close partnership with The Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity, whose major philanthropic cause has always been ALS.

Our Purpose Is To:

  • Raise Awareness of ALS
  • Support ALS Patients and their Families
  • Support Research to Find a Treatment or a Cure

Along with the 160,000 living members of the Fraternity, LiveLikeLou and our growing community of ALS warriors are committed to the cause and Leaving ALS Better Than We Found It!

To Donate:

Checks can be made payable to The LiveLikeLou Foundation and mailed to:

The LiveLikeLou Foundation
2 South Campus Avenue
Oxford, Ohio  45056.

An online giving portal for credit card gifts and technology for individuals to raise funds are under development and will be included with the re-launch of this website later this summer.