Iron Horse Awards…



The Iron Horse Awards provide financial grants to children of ALS patients despite the extreme financial burden of living with ALS.  Neil, Suzanne and the Live Like Lou Advisory Council are particularly sensitive to the toll this disease can take on the caregivers and the children of patients because they are parents themselves!  Each grant request is carefully assessed by a committee, which includes the Alexander children, Abby and Patrick.  Together we weigh the need of the requestor with the parameters of our fund.  All grants are made directly to the service provider, for example the dance studio, summer camp or college from which the child will receive benefit.  We limit our grants to ALS families in the Western Pennsylvania region and typically these families are identified through our relationships with The ALS Association, MDA and Phi Delta Theta.  So far, thanks to our donors, a request has never been denied (see pictures of some of our Awardees below)!!

Iron Horse Award Grants include:

  • continuation of normal childhood activities when the family is unable to pay, for example dance lessons, summer camps, dress for the prom…
  • holiday gifts and meals for children and families of ALS patients when the family is unable to pay
  • financial scholarships for post-secondary education
    • note in addition to kids from the region, scholarships are also available to ALS-impacted college-aged brothers and sisters of Phi Delta Theta – the fraternity of Lou Gehrig himself.  This organization has a singular focus to raise funds and support for ALS.  Neil was initiated as a brother in 2012.


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