Live Like Lou Patient Care Fund…



ALS moves through patients like a destructive frieght train.  It is aggressive and frightening.  It makes everything harder – eating, sleeping, bathing, toileting, speaking, breathing.  It leaves patients and their families often confused and helpless trying to keep up with the expense of living, let alone procuring and learning the services and equipment that enable basic daily activities.  The Live Like Lou Patient Care Fund provides direct aid to ALS patients in Western Pennsylvania, such as home modifications, equipment, and services not otherwise covered by insurance.  Because Live Like Lou does not directly employ staff, we channel these funds to patients through local associations that provide aid and understand the individual needs of patients.  The ALS Association of Western Pennsylvania, the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Pittsburgh and the Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Pittsburgh have all received restricted grants from Live Like Lou to support patients in Western Pennsylvania and adjacent communities.

Examples of items purchased for local patients include items for equipment loan closets used by patients, such as walkers and electric scooters, and speech augmentation devices such as microphones, and the “head mouse” which enables patients to type their communication by pointing their heads to a keyboard when their voices are no longer capable.  Our funds have also been used to make home modifications, such as a 17′ wheelchair  ramp and general ADA modifications.  Finally, we are able to direct these funds to underwrite in-home visits and therapies for patients, such as what is provided by the ALS Association.

Thank you to our donors for making this fund possible!