Jack Silva


Jack Silva is a passionate leader and advocate in the ALS community, co-chairing the Legislative Affairs Team with I AM ALS and co-lead for the new ALS Clinic Advisor tool. This application serves as a Yelp for ALS clinics, where people living with ALS and their caregivers can access reviews about clinics to help them make the best decisions for their care.

Professionally, Jack works in Silicon Valley’s tech industry—his career has been centered around marketing technology. Jack’s expertise lies in guiding businesses to adopt technology that leverages extensive data to tailor and enhance their marketing efforts for maximum impact. Fuelled by a deep-seated enthusiasm for the startup ecosystem, Jack focuses his skills to aid emerging companies in their growth and market penetration to help them secure the competitive edges necessary to thrive in a landscape dominated by large corporations. This, paired with a commitment to understanding the ever-evolving digital landscape and the strategic use of data in marketing, has been pivotal in his journey. Jack has been part of a couple of the Bay Area’s fastest-growing startups.

An alumnus of Cal Berkeley, Jack graduated with a BS in Env. Economics & Policy. His thesis work was done on the housing market crash of 2008, focusing on the events that triggered widespread defaults on high-risk subprime mortgages that led to the collapse in housing prices. Jack’s college years were enriched by his active involvement in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

Jack has served Live Like Lou on its Iron Horse Scholarship Selection Committee since 2023, and has been moved by its profound commitment to supporting students facing significant challenges in ALS land. He looks forward to his continued service on this committee that provides a beacon of hope and opportunity for young individuals affected by ALS through Iron Horse Scholarships.

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