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The Live Like Lou Foundation focuses on developing partnerships to facilitate learning amongst ALS scientists and supporting innovative ALS research to find treatments or a cure.

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ALS research grants

Career Development Award

This financial grant has an annual payout of up to $100,000 for up to two years. It is awarded to a junior ALS investigator (or team led by a junior ALS investigator) from an R1 institution (or its equivalent) focused on pre-clinical ALS research and featuring collaboration from distinct scientific disciplines with the goal of acquiring data needed for an NIH-level R01 grant proposal.

previous recipients
  • Dr. Stephanie Moon, University of Michigan, 2021

  • Dr. Aaron Hauesler, Thomas Jefferson University, 2020

  • Dr. Veronique Belzil, Mayo Clinic of Florida, and Dr. Manolis Kellis, MIT, 2018–19

The application is closed for the Live Like Lou Career Development Award. Register with us to learn when the award application opens.

Application opens 2024

Postdoctoral Fellowship

This program is intended to expand the number of investigators conducting innovative neurodegenerative disease research to find treatments or cures for ALS. This grant supports emerging scientists with interest in ALS who are in the early stages of postdoctoral training at an R1-level institutional research laboratory or research environment. The fellowship covers direct costs of up to $75,000 per year for up to two years. Eligible applicants should have successfully completed no more than thirty-six months of postdoctoral research training at the time the award begins.


Applications Due April 12, 2024
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Emerging ALS Investigator Collaborative Learning Series

Sponsor or attend Live Like Lou’s scientific research programs.

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Working in partnership with the Live Like Lou Scientific Research Committee, the organization selects and partners with leading ALS scientists to nominate host institutions, presenters, and the invitation list for hybrid and in-person research learning events.

Together we provide opportunities for collaboration, research partnerships, unique instruction, and grant opportunities not otherwise available to emerging ALS investigators.

partner institutions
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2018

  • Barrow Neurological Institute, 2020-2022

  • University of Michigan, 2023-2024

    For awards funded by the Live Like Lou Foundation, our grants to institutions support our research priorities. As such, none of our money may be used for indirect costs, facilities, and/or administrative costs. All funds awarded by the Live Like Lou Foundation are expected to be used for research in this field (after costs, if applicable).


Live Like Lou launched virtual programming in the summer of 2020.

With the addition of virtual programming, more collaborative discussions and presentations have resulted. Live Like Lou now hosts at least two hybrid speakers series events each year in addition to its biennial in-person event.

Biennial In-Person SYMPOSIUM

In 2018, Live Like Lou began bringing together emerging ALS investigators every other year to collaborate, share research, discuss ideas, and network with one another at a two-day symposium.

Live Like Lou

ALS Research Partners

The pace of change in ALS research and our hope for future treatments and cures for ALS increase when communities come together. Live Like Lou is proud to have funded research at two world-class institutions to date:

The University of Pittsburgh

Funded during Live Like Lou’s grassroots days in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Neil and Suzanne Alexander were devoted to advancing ALS research upon Neil’s diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease. With the funds raised from 2011–15, the Live Like Lou Center for ALS Research at the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute was created. Its mission is to unlock the mysteries of normal and abnormal brain function and translate discoveries into new approaches for overcoming brain disorders. Since its inception, the brain institute has grown to include two primary investigators and leading laboratories of more than a dozen scientists. They have three patents pending and a spinoff therapeutics testing lab that went public in July 2022.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)

Live Like Lou teamed up with VUMC for new ALS research in Middle Tennessee. The It’s a Whole New Ballgame for ALS Research campaign has raised more than $5 million to fund new, pre-clinical, and innovative ALS science at this top-tier research institution. Learn more about the latest campaign news and fundraising success.

Live Like Lou

Scientific Research Committee

Live Like Lou develops its research grants, programming for emerging ALS investigators, and strategy for research investments based upon the recommendations of a volunteer Scientific Research Committee comprised of experts in the field.

Scientific Research Committee

Yuna Ayala, PhD
Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

Sami Barmada, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Veronique Belzil, PhD, MS
Director, Vanderbilt ALS Research Center and Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

Lindsey Hayes, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University

Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD
‍Associate Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, Northwestern University; Live Like Lou Foundation Scientific Director

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