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Our brand story

Our objective with Live Like Lou’s brand was to represent what Lou Gehrig stood for in the face of an ALS diagnosis and what each of our ALS families stands for—courage, never giving up, expressing gratitude to those in our lives, and leaving a legacy of determination.

our mission

Create and connect communities to stimulate emerging ALS research and uniquely support families affected by Lou Gehrig’s disease.

our values
The journey from signature to logo

our brand guidelines

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our logo system

This is the full lock-up of the logo. To be used whenever space and layout allows.


This can be used when the primary lock-up doesn’t fit the layout properly.


This is a brand icon that can operate freely from the primary logo. It is ideal for use when there is a space constraint, like a social media profile.

Base 4

This element can be used throughout the brand working with the primary, secondary & avatar elements to carry out the brand.


This is to be used wherever the Live Like Lou Foundation should be highlighted.

Full tagline

This lockup can be used when the full tagline should appear with the logo.


This seal is an additional mark that can be used in more casual layouts where the audience is familiar with Live Like Lou. It is best used in conjunction with the primary or secondary logos.


This casual mark signifies that we look to the future—a future without ALS—while continuing forward each day, despite the odds we face. “Onward” was inspired by Live Like Lou’s co-founder Neil Alexander and how he faced his own ALS diagnosis.


When Lou Gehrig shared with the world that he’d been diagnosed with ALS, he said, “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” This casual mark can be used to reference one of the ways we can Live Like Lou, by leading with courage and determination.

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