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In September 2023 Live Like Lou sponsored the Arturo Falaschi Conference on TDP-43 function and dysfunction in disease that took place in Trieste, Italy. Referred to as a central player in ALS, TDP-43 bridges the divide between sporadic and familial ALS and remains a dominant protein of interest in understanding disease pathogenesis.

As part of our vision to leave ALS better than we found it, Live Like Lou invests in researchers and institutions that will lead to tomorrow's clinical trials, treatments, and cures for ALS. We believe that attracting and retaining ALS researchers and scientists is a critical piece of this investment. We do this by supporting researchers at critical points in their careers through a variety of grants and fellowship programs. Our sponsorship allowed us to fund the attendance and collaboration of several researchers in attendance, their feedback on the value of the conference reinforces that our investments will help Live Like Lou researchers remain at the forefront of ALS discovery.

LLL Grantees

Live Like Lou proudly sponsored Nicolas Fawzi, Brown University | Anna Cook, University of Alabama Birmingham | Caroline Hsieh, University of Michigan | Josephine Wu, University of Michigan | Courtney Smith, Mayo Clinic | Not pictured: Patricia Dos Passos, Saint Louis University

"I just want to thank you again for sponsoring my trip to this conference. I learned a lot about TDP-43 and got valuable feedback on my own projects. I also was able to network with people and inquire about future opportunities to conduct ALS/FTD research. It was so inspiring to see the progress we are making towards understanding the disease and become a part of the community who are committed to this research" - Anna Cook, University of Alabama-Birmingham

In the last three years, Live Like Lou has awarded over $1 million to emerging ALS researchers. This investment is already paying dividends as we see these emerging researchers leverage our support to advance their novel concepts and secure additional funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and other private foundations.

When we invest in science, we advance discovery, getting us closer to answers with every dollar we spend. ALS is not incurable—it is underfunded.

Check out this peek into conference life with photos from Fawzi, Cook, and dos Passos.
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