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Just as the 108 double stitches in a baseball tie it together, the Live Like Lou Foundation’s work to support the careers of emerging ALS scientists ties our mission to help move breakthrough ideas through to the next level of funding and advancing ALS research.

"The more you learn about something, the more interested you are,” shared Stephanie Moon, PhD, from the University of Michigan, who received Live Like Lou’s 2021 Career Development Award.

With Live Like Lou’s funding, Dr. Moon was able to “expand research capabilities by purchasing large equipment that allows us to do ribosome profiling.” She used ribosome profiling to determine how the stress response differs in some types of ALS. “We’ve learned how to use this technique through extensive training that wouldn’t have been possible without this grant from Live Like Lou. We had strengthened results with Live Like Lou’s interests.”

Your year-end gift supports Live Like Lou’s investments in ALS research today so it can lead to tomorrow’s trials, treatments, and cures for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

In 2023 alone, we’ve funded $374,000 in direct support to early-career ALS investigators (more than $1.8 million since our founding in 2018!). Your gift will be put to work to advance ALS research.

Head over to to give today because ALS is not incurable, ALS is underfunded—and with your support, we’ll continue doing something significant about it through our funding of promising emerging ALS scientists.

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