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Many of our registered ALS families are expecting a surprise in the mail this week! The Board of Trustees of the Live Like Lou Foundation are delighted to provide a gift card for $100 for our ALS families during the holidays. Families are able to use them in any way that is helpful to them this holiday season. There is no obligation on their part and it is Live Like Lou's hope that the small token of support gives our ALS families a sense of community.

The Live Like Lou Foundation was formed only five short years ago as a national nonprofit dedicated to meaningful support of ALS families and funding ALS research to find treatments and cures. We do this in honor of our namesake and Luckiest Man Lou Gehrig.

We can’t cure ALS (yet), but we can leave our mighty families better than ALS found them with a $100 VISA gift card to help spread some joy this holiday season.These holiday respite grants are made possible by our generous donors. Thank you for supporting our ALS families and making this holiday season a bit brighter for them!

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