Knock ALS Out of the Park

ALS Awareness

We were on nine baseball fields this summer in celebration of Major League Baseball’s Lou Gehrig Day, and we surprised five incredible people living with ALS with a Permobil custom power wheelchair before the first pitch in a few of those games.

Lou Gehrig Day Wheelchair Presentations

Guy Dunagan was diagnosed with ALS seven years ago. As an executive chef in Atlantic City, he’s rallied his community to generate awareness for ALS. A lifelong Phillies fan, Guy and his wife Joanne joined Live Like Lou on the field for his special surprise of a Phillies-branded power wheelchair that will provide safety in his journey with ALS and increased independence. And it was custom-made just for him and how Lou Gehrig’s disease progresses.

“I remember growing up watching The Pride of the Yankees with my grandfather,” Guy shared. “When the movie was over, I asked my grandfather how Lou Gehrig could say he was the ‘luckiest man on the face of the earth,’ seeing how this terrible disease was destroying his body and cutting his career short,” he continued.

Guy Dunagan

“Today on the Philadelphia Phillies field, I totally understood it,” said Guy. “Surrounded by my family, friends, and a group of caring individuals, I experienced the meaning of his words!”

Your year-end gift funds moments of impact and helps to generate increased awareness for this disease that needs more at-bats. As we take to the field each summer, we honor Lou Gehrig’s story, legacy, and what it means to live like Lou.

Join us and visit to give today, and help us knock ALS out of the park.

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