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In the Dugout is the quarterly newsletter for the Live Like Lou Foundation, bringing an inside look at the incredible work of our volunteers and researchers. It also shares how our funds help us leave ALS better than we found it and highlights all we’re doing in honor of our namesake and baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig and the more than 20,000 people living with Lou Gehrig’s disease every day.

Leading Off for Live Like Lou in 2023—a New Look!

As 2023 begins, we are thrilled to debut a new look and website for Live Like Lou. Inspired by the Alexander family’s vision in founding in 2012 and its visual identity reflecting Lou Gehrig’s autograph, our new logo honors that inspiration and includes his signature as its focus. With additional marks and logos inspired by vintage baseball imagery, we strive to pay tribute to Lou’s legacy through these images, our colors, and our brand’s voice and tone. Our website has been updated with fresh design and content; information about our programs for ALS families, ALS research, and ALS awareness; and news.

Read more about our brand and its evolution, and check out a few of our additional logos:

LLL Primary Logo
Our new primary logo
LLL Tagline
Our seal with tagline/vision statement
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Live Like Lou by the Numbers

In the world of baseball, numbers are everything. In the world of Live Like Lou, numbers are everything, too. It started with Lou Gehrig's jersey number, because he was #4 in the line-up. He played 2,130 consecutive games (he never took a day off and never sat one out). It’s been nearly 84 years since his famous speech that transformed the Iron Horse into the Luckiest Man.

This is why we put #4 on our gear. It’s why we grant college scholarships to four students in ALS families for $2,130 per semester each year. It’s why we spend so much of our annual revenue on breakthrough science to support promising scientists. And our new base logo? It's actually reminiscent of the 4 on the jerseys Lou wore.

Home Improvement Grants

Inaugural Home Improvement Grants to ALS Families

In partnership with the UPS Foundation in the Mid-Atlantic/Chesapeake region, Live Like Lou granted a total of $15,000 last month to nine families living with ALS to complete home improvement projects. Requested projects ranged from updating bathrooms and flooring, adding a wheelchair ramp, and completing electrical work to allow for smart switches and outlets. An ALS diagnosis often comes with necessary home improvements or renovations to accommodate wheelchairs or other equipment for people living with ALS.

We plan to expand this pilot program in 2023 to more areas of the United States and Canada as we fulfill our vision to leave ALS better than we found it.

Connect and Serve Program

Live Like Lou All-Stars

Within 48 hours of learning Randi Jacobs, who is living with ALS, needed assistance wrapping presents before the Christmas holiday, Phi Delts from the University of San Francisco jumped in to help.

”I used to [wrap] on the floor but now I can’t get up,” shared Randi. When Antonio Anastasio and Ji Chuan Luo Lu arrived and chatted with Randi, they learned they had something in common with her husband—he's also a member of Phi Delta Theta, just like Lou Gehrig! Learn more about Live Like Lou’s ALS family service and granting programs.

LLL Baseball Giveaway

Live Like Lou Baseball Giveaway

In case you missed it, follow Live Like Lou on social media and you’ll have a chance to win our first giveaway with the new brand, a Live Like Lou baseball! Be sure you’re following us and tag a friend before the end of the day on January 13 midnight ET to win!

LLL Tagline

The Final Inning

As we wrap up this quarter’s In the Dugout, we reflect on an incredible few months of progress, activity, and devotion for Live Like Lou. Here are just a few of the many additional highlights of what we’ve been up to:

  • Hot off the presses, Live Like Lou’s campaign to fund ALS research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) surpassed its phase one goal of raising $3.5 million to establish a Director of ALS Research just this week! This investment seeds a long-term partnership with VUMC. Learn more about the It's a Whole New Ballgame campaign through this 2022 year-end update.
  • Live Like Lou’s ALS family service program, now called Connect and Serve, registered 201 families in 2022! This is up from 107 families registered in 2021. Lou Gehrig’s fraternity brothers stepped up to serve these mighty families with 177 registered volunteers, up from 124 registered the year prior.

We’ll be back in touch in a few months with even more good news. Thank you for being interested in the Live Like Lou Foundation and our work to leave ALS better than we found it.

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