Live Like Lou sponsors TDP-43 conference in Trieste, Italy

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Live Like Lou is proud to be a sponsor of the Arturo Falaschi Conference on TDP-43 function and dysfunction in disease taking place in Trieste, Italy, from September 6-8, 2023. Referred to as a central player in ALS, TDP-43 bridges the divide between sporadic and familial ALS and remains a dominant protein of interest to understand disease pathogenesis.

As part of our vision to leave ALS better than we found it, Live Like Lou invests in researchers and institutions that will lead to tomorrow’s clinical trials, treatments, and cures for ALS. We believe that attracting and retaining ALS researchers and scientists is a critical piece of this investment. We do this by supporting researchers at critical points in their careers through a variety of grants and fellowship programs.

In the last three years, Live Like Lou has awarded over $1 million to emerging ALS researchers. This investment is already paying dividends too as we see these emerging researchers leverage our support to advance their novel concepts and secure additional funding from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and other private foundations.

During this conference, key members of Live Like Lou’s Scientific Research Committee are serving as program organizers and invited speakers, so we are certain the discussions will be vigorous and constructive. Live Like Lou is also hosting a major scientific session at the conference where Live Like Lou researchers’ work will be highlighted.

Live Like Lou is offering grants to offset registration, travel, and accommodation fees to ensure researchers will be there in force to help move the conversation forward. These investments will help ensure Live Like Lou researchers remain at the forefront of ALS discovery.

The Trieste meeting provides an ideal opportunity for discussing ongoing epidemiological, clinical, pathological, neuroimaging, and genetic investigations of this protein. It will also serve as a platform for presenting and discussing the latest TDP-43 based therapeutic strategies that are being developed and tested in disease models.

Read more about our ongoing research here, here, and here!

Planning to attend the conference?

This funding opportunity is available to researchers who have participated in Live Like Lou’s virtual or in-person forums or applied for one of our research grants. To be eligible for these grants, please register through the conference website and complete Live Like Lou’s grant request form no later than June 30, 2023.

Interested in supporting Live Like Lou’s efforts to fund emerging ALS research?

Our friends at Phi Delta Theta in Arizona are fundraising to cover the costs of Live Like Lou’s sponsorship of this conference. Thank you to the undergraduate and alumni Phi Delts in and around Arizona for committing to leave ALS better than you found it.

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